The H-1B cap requires that all H-1B petitions are received at the USCIS’ California Service Center or Vermont Service Center by Tuesday April 7, 2015. Below are some key points to keep in mind about this year’s H-1B cap:

-The USCIS makes no accommodation for delays caused by couriers. Accordingly, MU Law will file the vast majority of its H-1B petitions on March 31 for delivery by April 1, which is the first day that H-1B petitions are accepted.

-Premium Processing Service (PPS) may not start until May 11, 2015, although the USCIS could start PPS earlier, depending on the volume of petitions that are received. Last year PPS began on April 28.

-The USCIS expects that more H-1B petitions will be received this year than last year. At the recent AILA Manila chapter conference, a USCIS official said that he expected more than 200,000 H-1B cap-subject filings. There were 172,500 cap-subject H-1Bs in 2014 (FY 2015).

-Last year it was mid-May before most H-1B lottery winners and losers found out about the outcome of their lottery selection. Since the volume is expected to be greater in 2015, it may not be until June until lottery winners and losers know their outcome.