JROOZ NPTE Review Program Philippines

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Regular Class Program

 This is a 3 ½ months, classroom-based review program given three times a year. The primary goal of the program is for the students to learn the foundations of Physical Therapy using a clinical and practical approach. This is good for students who want to take the NPTE Exam, but have not practiced the profession for a long time.

The classes will be conducted at all the Jrooz NPTE review centers or its affiliated revue venues.


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NPTE Review Center Program

 Lecture Proper All PT subjects are divided into 4 MAIN TOPICS and are prepared in an NPTE level approach. To guide students in
knowing where to focus
with their review and allow them to learn PT subjects in a clinical way.
 Long Exam & Rationalization
with brief lecture
50-item exam conducted
after every week of discussions
To evaluate if students
learned the subtopics
discussed. To provide strategies on how to approach and answer the questions.
 Post-Test Exam 200 items covering the Main topics To assess the students on
their learning about the main topics that were tackled in the discussions.
 Major Exam 250 items, Computer-based (NPTE simulation)  To condition the students for the actual NPTE exam and to evaluate their over-all knowledge and proficiency.


NPTE Intensive Program 

 This is a two part review program designed to help students who have practiced the Physical Therapy profession or who already have strong foundations in the Physical Therapy disciplines and would like to take the NPTE in few months’ time. The whole course is good for three months and is scheduled before the fixed dates released by FSBPT. The primary goal of this review is to expose the students to various questions that are NPTE sensitive and to enhance their test-taking skills, as well as their clinical decision making capacity. 

The classes will be conducted at all the JRooz NPTE review centers or its affiliated revue venues on the applicable days.


 Part 1 –
Modular Program

This is an on-line review program. The modules contain information from various physical therapy books. They were compiled by lecturers to give the students the whole picture of the topic. Each module has a 10-item

quiz at the end, so as to assess their understanding
of the modules.

To refresh what they had studied before and prepare them for a series of exams & rationalization. 1 Month
 Part 2 – Exam
Rationalization “Per Topic”
This is a classroom-based review, wherein students
will be taking exams every day. 50 items, 2 sets per topic
(Divided into 8 Main topics)
It is arranged per-topic to easily assess which topic needs further readings 1 month,
4 days/week
(800 items)
 “All Topics” 100 items, 10 sets of questions covering all topics To evaluate students’ ability in answering questions taken from all the range of topics covered. 2 weeks,
5 days/week
(1000 items)
 NPTE Simulated Exam 250 items, computer-based, NPTE simulation To condition the students for the actual NPTE exam.  One simulation is given after a ‘Per Topic’; another one after a “All Topics”
and the last one is given 1-2 week before
the actual NPTE (750 items)


DIFFERENCE (Program Benefits):

    1. Limited Class Size (35 students per class).
    2. Individualized Assessment.
    3. One on One Coaching
    4. Facilities are conducive for learning with up to date Reference Materials
    5. Computer Laboratory for Practice Exams.
    6. All Instructors are US Licensed Physical therapists working full-time.
    7. Review Program promotes clinical thinking
    8. Develops Efficiency in dealing with the Questions
    9. Enhancement of Test Taking Skill during Rationalization of Exams.