Living the Dream: Testimonials

Living the Dream: Testimonials

Nov 18, 2013

It makes a huge difference when you hear from people who embarked on the same quest and actually succeeded.  Here are the people who have gone ahead to show you that fulfilling your dreams is possible.





I have always believed that a structured review for the NPTE could help achieve a successful examination. I have tried reviewing by myself and failed the first time. It was not easy, but I kept my will strong, I always believe that something good will happen. Until one time I had a call from one of the staff of JROOZ, where it all began.

I started at JROOZ as they were starting to promote NPTE review. I stayed with them from the start up to present until I passed the NPTE. Under their review program, I was able to come up with innovative means to prepare myself for the NPTE. It took me just a little time to realize what I needed to prepare. With their very accommodating staffs and assorted original references readily available for use, my experience with JROOZ is worth it!

Jose Vivian G. Corre, PTRP, RPT (Clinical Supervisor Fatima Eye & Rehab Center)

I was privileged to be one of the 10 scholars of Grandison Management and JROOZ Review Center who was sent to Culver City, CA, USA last May 23, 2011 to take the May 25 NPTE-i.

I started out with JROOZ last June 28, 2010 and originally was part of Batch 2. I was fresh out of a non-PT related job, with no credentials whatsoever, unaware of all the processes and steps needed to pursue a career in the US but armed with just the determination that I wanted to pursue and take the licensure exam. Considering my long hiatus from the physical therapy field and my lack of credentials JROOZ helped me by guiding me as to which step to take in order to start processing my papers.

JROOZ provided me with lectures, review materials and all other resources to jump start my review. JROOZ kept us together, motivated and pushed us to continue on reviewing, provided the constant guidance and reminder for us to focus and make use of all the resources provided to us. I’m a full-blooded, loyal JROOZ student, through and through. More power JROOZ!

– Alyssa Ingrid M. Tumulak


PT Local Board

Five years of school as a Physical Therapy student, four months of review from an “unknown” review center. All eyes were on us as we take on the challenge of being the first batch of JROOZ Review Center Davao. Criticisms arise due to uncertainty of passing the board exam because of the “new breed” of review center. Words have been spoken, feelings were hurt and the damage has been done. All they had to say was “Bakit dyan kayo? Di naman kilalang review center yan eh. Sigurado kaba dyan? Alam mo na ba to?”. Words that made us feel the hunger for success. For them to eat those words, we had to pass. And for them to feel guilty, we had to exceed the performances of other “known” review centers. Four months I have been with JROOZ and 4 months I have been spending my review with such fun and excitement. We are a family. Destined for success and ordained to be an inspiration for others. That’s my motto as I entered JROOZ Review Center. What more can I ask for. Great facility, up to date library, friendly staff and most of all great and beautiful lecturers inside and out.

Indeed success is the best revenge, but there’s better. We don’t do this just for revenge but we do this for ourselves. Love for self and passion for work makes everything possible.

– Carl Dominic Duy, PTRP (San Pedro College – Batch 2011)


We all have the equal chance to pass the board examinations. The trick is making it easy. Reviewing for all the subjects needed to be able to pass the board examinations is definitely a difficult task. JROOZ provided me with the best strategy to know what topics should be prioritized, when to study it and as funny as it may sound how to study it (be it songs, mnemonics and drawings).

JROOZ helped in building my endurance to actually sit down, read, and analyze 400-500 questions per day. It is an advantage to have that mental toughness to make it through numerous questions, to analyze each one and select the best answer possible. Equipped with a very intensive coaching program JROOZ built my self-confidence week by week. Alongside a very conducive environment for learning, the best lecturers there is and the right review resources, JROOZ is your best choice.

JROOZ made it easy for me!

– Jerrar Ingalls, PTRP (DCU Batch 2011)

picture They say people make good or bad choices, depending on how they play their cards. For me having my review here in Davao together with JROOZ review center was a good…no, it was the best choice I’ve done in preparing myself for the PT local board exam.

The lecturers were the best, they supported and motivated us to achieve my goal and that is to pass the local board with ease and confidence! And they’ve taught me one lesson that I will never forget and that is to “Constantly challenge yourself” for you to become a better Physical Therapist of tomorrow.

– Julius Duran, PTRP (San Pedro College Class 2011)

I’m Ma. Patrocinio Salcedo, I graduated from Southwestern University many years back, that was approximately 12 years ago. I left PT and had a life outside my course. I became a wife and a mother of two kids and had worked for many companies that gave me knowledge and skills outside the medical field. For some reasons, I feel I had this calling to go back to PT and I did. Last February 2011, I decided to apply as PT volunteer at Visayas Community Medical Center. There I met fellow PT’s who also planned of enrolling at a review class. It is where I knew about JROOZ. Since at that time JROOZ is offering a big discount for group of four reviewees. So we enrolled together with my co-PT volunteers. At first it was not really easy for me, I admit for years I never really opened or read books related to our profession. The work experiences I have were all related to sales and marketing. I find it hard to absorbed and retained information given by lecturers. But that was only for the first few days of my review. I could not believe JROOZ help me regained my confidence and knowledge, which was hidden from years of non-practice.

JROOZ provided us with almost everything to make us ready for the big battle. We are provided with top caliber lecturers from well-known schools of PT. The lecturers are very well versed and knowledgeable about the topic that they were assigned to discussed. Aside from that JROOZ also has latest books which you can borrow, although I had some of it before but it was an old edition and my colleagues says the information are already obsolete. JROOZ also provide as free reading materials already printed on paper. They also spend a lot money to provide us with e-books for very important topics and reviewers. And they also spend time and effort extracting from the reviewers the topics, which the lecturers feel, are related to local boards and necessary for our practice here in the country.

Though JROOZ will provide you with all these, we also need to have self- discipline, time management and prioritizing things to study. And with perseverance, determination and above all faith in GOD, I made it through. And with the strong support I got from JROOZ Review Center and its staff, from the first day of our lecture down to the day of our board exam they were always there boosting our confidence, encouraging us when we feel down with our post lecture scores, their fun and effective ways to stimulate our minds, and of course their prayers. The encouragements and prayers of my parents and the love and support of my husband and kids inspire me and made me pass the exam. The atmosphere in JROOZ is also very warm and friendly, the staff, lecturers and my co reviewees which make it easier for me to cope and go along with my review. I have JROOZ and the staff and their dynamic men and pretty ladies lecturers, to thank for. I am now a PTRP…next step…RPT!

Good luck future PTRP’s, you really made the right choice of choosing JROOZ to attain your goals. Thank you and God bless!

-Ma. Patrocinio Salcedo, PTRP – South Western University