PT Online Review

This program is suitable for students who want to review but are constraint by working hours; living in provinces where review center is not accessible or living outside the Philippines. This is the best chance for you to prepare for the exam in your own convenient study nook. Just secure a computer/laptop or even a mobile device with a reliable internet connection.

Review ONLINE in our virtual classroom powered by reliable third party software. Jrooz Review Center uses a simple and convenient online collaborative learning solution. This delivers a level of engagement that makes learners feel like they’re together in the same room via collaboration and conference tools. This learning tool allows students to send real time queries via chat or raise one’s hand as if he/she is in front of the lecturer. Every button you see on the screen is useful in learning. This program is interactively fun and engaging, making your study time worthwhile.



The PT Local Online Review Program is a 3-month review program that is intended for individuals who will take the PT licensure examination under the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission. The program includes lectures, coaching and examinations that will equip students with solid foundation, knowledge and test-taking skills essential in taking the board examination. Performance monitoring and scheduled feedbacks will also be implemented to track students’ status during the program to ensure success.

Schedule: Weekday classes 6pm to 10pm & weekend classes 9am to 6pm


Online review program benefits:

  1. CONTROLLED CLASS SIZE: maximum of 30 students only
  2. VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: in partnership with Go To Training
  3. LIVE CLASSES: instructor is readily available to address your queries
  4. TOP CALIBER ON SITE INSTRUCTORS: with high passing percentage
  7. Review is exclusively offered to non-first time takers of the exam.

Experience the JROOZ Way of Learning. Enroll in the 1-stop PT review center in the Philippines!


Want to enroll? Here are your payment options:

Option 1: Cash in our office

Option 2: Cheque (Pay to the order of: Jrooz Review Center, Inc.)

Option 3: Bank Deposit

  1. Bank Name: BDO (Banco de Oro)
    • Account Name: Jrooz Review Center Inc.
    • Account Number: 005438011515
    • Branch: Alfaro – Salcedo Village, Makati City
  2. Bank Name: East West Bank
    • Account Name: Jrooz Review Center Inc.
    • Account Number: 4702006304
    • Branch: Valero, Makati City
  3. Bank Name: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
    • Account Name: J. Rooz Review Center, Inc.
    • Account Number: 001681-0010-49
    • Branch: BPI Alfaro Branch
  4. Bank Name: Metrobank
    • Dollar Account
    • Account Name: J.Rooz Review Center, Inc.
    • Account Number: 270-2-27000659-5
    • Peso Account
    • Account Name: J.Rooz Review Center, Inc.
    • Account Number: 270-7-27053371-6

Option 4: Paypal